Little History

Cozy corners to sun-kissed fields

Mandala Umbra has been creating aesthetic shade structures for patios, stages, local events, and music festivals since the summer 2016. 

Founded locally in Avila Beach by Gwendolyn it is the ultimate joining of decor and utility. Featuring vibrant, flowing designs inspired by the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, each Mandala is hand-crafted and can be custom built to fulfill the artistic, spiritual and practical shade needs of your gathering or event space. 

Using upcycled fabric, MandalaUmbra grew naturally from cultural experiences and artistic community participation on California’s Central Coast. Her passion for using spiritual design elements in art installations that also serve as shade structures was nurtured thru hands-on creative experience at local events and festivals where she witnessed and understood the need for art and shade wherever people gather together under the sun and moon.

The Flower of Life is an ancient design that has been created and recreated around the world and throughout history, in temples, spiritual documents and, more recently, at music festivals. Gwendolyn has adapted the natural structural strengths of this design with the colorful beauty of simple fabric panels to create vivid patterns brought to local home patios, stage design for near by events, festivals and still branching out wider.  

The lycra and spandex blend stretches, flows and breathes with the wind while supported by high-strength paracord making these pieces durable outdoor furnishings that create a soothing atmospheric space for people to connect.



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